Jahns, V.:

Mobile Computing and Urban Systems - A Literature Review.

In: Techniques and Applications for Mobile Commerce. Proceedings of TAMoCo 2009 / Agudo, J.E. (Hrsg.)
Amsterdam: IOS Press (2009), S. 17-26
ISBN: 1607500523, 978-1607500520
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Informatik; Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Using mobile systems in urban systems is a research subject, which was addressed in the last year by several research projects and research papers. Thus, the research field of mobile systems in urban systems becomes more complex and more diversified. In such a situation an analyzing look at the research work done so far can provide valuable insights. Hence, in this paper a work in progress for a review of literature regarding the design, use and impact of mobile systems in urban systems will be presented. In this review a verbal approach will be used, which will be based on a reference framework. This reference framework will be mainly designed with respect to the research methods and research questions applied respectively discussed in the evaluated literature, so that in the end of the review conclusions regarding future research questions in the field of mobile and urban systems can be drawn.