Müller, Jörg; Hiller, Manfred:

A Mechatronic Simulation Model for the Large-Scale Hydraulically Driven ALDURO

In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Computer Software for Design, Analysis and Control of Fluid Power Systems
Gerhard-Mercator-Universität - GH Duisburg, Fachgebiet Mechatronik Lotharstraße 1 47057 Duisburg, Germany (1999)
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Maschinenbau
The systemunder investigation is the hydraulically driven autonomous large-scale combined legged and wheeled vehicle ALDURO. In This paper an overall mechatronic simulation model, realized in the object-oriented programming language C++, wil be presented. It consists of the dynamics of the complete hydraulic system, and the mechanical system including an explicit solution of the kinemaic loops. Simulations of different walking patterns are used to find an optimal set of hydraulic components.