Lenord, Oliver; Huber, Thomas; Franitza, Daniel; Hiller, Manfred:

Interdisciplinary Modelling of Mechatronic Systems by Coupling Simulation Tools

In: Proceedings of the IAR: Institute of Automation and Robotics, 16th Annual Meeting
University Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Engineering, Chair of Mechatronics Lotharstraße 1, 47057 Duisburg, Germany (2001)
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Maschinenbau
Mechatronic Systems are characterised by interacting subsystems of different types. To model this class of dynamic systems an interdisciplinary approach is required. In this paper a way to model a controlled hydromechanical system using three different kinds of simulation tools is presented. The mechanical system, described in MOBILE, is coupled with a DSHplus model of the hydraulic system and a controller modelled in MATLAB/SIMULINK. This concept is applied to the oscillating boom of a concrete pump.