Hilgert, Jens; Bertram, Torsten:

Similitude analysis for experimental validation of path planning for autonomous driving. Ähnlichkeitsanalyse für die experimentelle Validierung der Routenplaning von autonomen Fahrzeugen

In: MECHATRONICS, IFAC Conference on Mechatronic Systems, 2 * (2003)
Universität Duisburg, DE; TU Ilmenau, DE (2002), S. 73-78
ISBN: 0-08-044197-1
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Maschinenbau
In this paper a path planning technique for autonomous vehicles is developed which takes geometric and vehicle dynamics criteria into account. Starting with the Bezier spline description of the path, optimizations with respect to driving manoeuvres were performed. To ensure driveability of the planned path vehicle dynamics aspects are taken into account using a simplified vehicle model. The planned path will then be verified by driving tests. In this paper a method based on similitude analysis is developed for verification and validation of driving tests for autonomous vehicles with scaled vehicles. A lane change manoeuvre for a 1:5 scaled vehicle belonging to the Institute of Mechatronics and System Dynamics at the Gerhard Mercator University Duisburg is described using this method