Pott, Andreas; Hiller, Manfred:

A force based approach to error analysis of parallel kinematic mechanisms

In: On Advances in Robot Kinematics (ARK),
Chair of Mechatronics Faculty of Engineering University Duisburg-Essen Germany (2004)
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Maschinenbau
Error analysis is an important issue in parallel kinematic synthesis because
manufacturing and assembly errors have a significant impact on
the mechanical precision of the manipulator. In this paper we propose
a method to describe the displacements of the tool center point (TCP)
in terms of error amplifications for uncertainties in all kinematic parameters.
This is done by using the differential geometric properties of
kinetostatic transmission.
The computational effort of this method only depends on the number
of rigid bodies and the topological complexity of the mechanism
while the number of parameters does not affect computing time. The
performance of this method is demonstrated with an example of the six
degree-of-freedom parallel kinematic machine Linapod that is currently
investigated in order to optimize the machine’s accuracy.