Verhandlungen zwischen Griechenland und Mazedonien über die Beilegung der Namensfrage

In: Südosteuropa Mitteilungen, Jg. 48 (2008), S. 16-31
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Politikwissenschaft
Politicians are sure enough: Europeanization promotes stabilization and conflict
settlement. Although the Interim Accord of 1995 between Greece and Macedonia has
enabled Macedonia’s integration process into the Euro-Atlantic community, the name
dispute between both countries has not been settled so far. Furthermore, Greece’s
decision to veto Macedonia’s NATO accession at the Bucharest summit in April 2008
has brought this process of Europeanization to a provisional end.
What does this mean for the final solution of the name issue? Is a conflict settlement
still possible?
The analytical toolkit of the “Hexagon of Conflict Settlement” provides useful answers
to these questions and points out the factors that play an obstructive or facilitating
role in the process of conflict settlement. As a result of the analysis a mutually
acceptable solution on the name issue still seems to be a realistic option. However,
the risk of conflict escalation is obvious.