Interactive and Collaborative Ontology Developing

In: Workshop Proceedings der Tagungen Mensch & Computer 2008, DeLFI 2008 und Cognitive Design 2008 / Lucke, Ulrike; Kindsmüller, Christoph; Fischer, Stefan; Herczeg, Michael; Seehusen, Silke (Hrsg.)
Berlin: Logos (2008), S. 174-179
ISBN: 3832520074
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Informatik
Ontology developing and managing usually evolves a series of brain storming
discussions, competitions, proposals, votings and other collaborative activities.
These activities represent the main challenges of a platform, which enables users to
develop and manage ontologies. In this paper we describe requirements for a collaborative
ontology developing platform, and introduce an approach for collaborative
ontology creation and management based on Ontoverse platform.