Oxwagon Sentinel : Radical Afrikaner Nationalism and the History of the Ossewa Brandwag

Berlin [u.a.]: Lit [u.a.] (2008), 654 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-8258-9797-0, 978-1-86888-453-7, 978-3-8258-9797-4
Buch / Monographie / Fach: Geschichte
Übersetzung des Originals: Im Zeichen des Ochsenwagens
A novel approach to the social history of the Ossewabrandwag and radical Afrikaner nationalism which looks into the diverse causes of the rise of a political movement that was to shape history profoundly. 

In the 1930s, Afrikaner nationalism transformed itself from a populist into a cultural nationalism, becoming politically radicalised at the same time. The author looks into the reasons for mass participation in the Ossewabrandwag and analyses the organisation’s fight with the National Party due to the Ossewabrandwag’s illegal and treasonable activities. In this context he discusses the ideological influences on the apartheid policy that can be identified as coming from organised right-wing extremism.