Duewel, I.; Ge, H.W.; Kronemayer, H.; Dibble, R.; Gutheil, E.; Schulz, Christof; Wolfrum, J.:

Experimental and numerical characterization of a turbulent spray flame

In: Proc. Combust. Inst., Jg. 31 (2007) ; Pt. 2, S. 2247-2255
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Maschinenbau
A turbulent ethanol spray flame is characterized through quant. expts. using laser-based imaging techniques. The data set is used to validate a numerical code for the simulation of spray combustion. The spray burner was designed to generate a stable flame without the use of a bluff body or a pilot flame facilitating numerical simulations. The expts. include spatially-resolved measurements of droplet sizes (Mie/LIF-dropsizing and PDA), droplet velocity (PDA), liq.-phase temp. (2-color LIF temp. imaging with Rhodamine B) and gas-phase temp. (multi-line NO-LIF temp. imaging). The measurements close to the nozzle exit are used to det. the initial conditions for numerical simulations. An Eulerian-Lagrangian model including spray flamelet modeling is applied to calc. the development of the spray. Good agreement with the exptl. data is found. The exptl. data set and the numerical results will be published on a website to allow other groups to evaluate their exptl. and/or numerical data.