Hildenbrand, F.; Schulz, Christof; Hartmann, M.; Puchner, F.; Wawrschin, G.:

In-cylinder NO-LIF imaging in a realistic GDI engine using KrF excimer laser excitation

In: SAE Techn. Paper Series 1999-01-3545, (1999)
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Maschinenbau
The formation of nitric oxide in a transparent direct injection gasoline engine was studied experimentally using two different schemes of laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) with KrF excimer (248 nm) excitation. With detection of the fluorescence shifted towards the red, strong interference from fluorescence of partially burned fuel was found. With blue-shifted fluorescence, interference was minimized allowing selective detection of NO. Possibilities of quantifying NO fluorescence intensities in inhomogeneous combustion are discussed.