Lenz, K.; Wende, Heiko; Kuch, W.; Baberschke, K.; Nagy, K.; Jánossy, A.:

Two-magnon scattering and viscous Gilbert damping in ultrathin ferromagnets

In: Physical Review B (aktuelle Jahrgänge), Jg. 73 (2006), S. 144424-1 - 144424-6
ISSN: 1095-3795
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Physik
Ferromagnetic resonance experiments of magnetic nanostructures over a large frequency range from 1 to 225 GHz are presented. We find unambiguous evidence for a nonlinear frequency dependence of the linewidth. The viscous Gilbert damping and two-magnon scattering are clearly separated. Both angular and frequency dependent measurements give a transverse scattering rate within the magnetic subsystem of the order of 109 s–1, whereas the longitudinal Gilbert relaxation into the thermal bath is one to two orders of magnitude smaller.