Becke, Frank; Steinborn, Dirk; Boese, Roland; Rueffer, Tobias:

Synthesis, reactivity and structures of aminomethyl lithium and nickel complexes.

In: Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Jg. 15th (1995) ; Current Trends in Coordination Chemistry, S. 283-288
ISSN: 0139-9535
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
Aminometyl lithium complexes R2NCH2Li (R2N = Me2N (1a), C5H10N (1b), C7H14N (1d)) and LiCH2NPh2.1...1.5 THF (1c) were prepd. by reaction of Bu3SnCH2NR2 with BuLi. The x-ray structure anal. of 1c exhibits a dimeric structure with monohapto bonded aminomethyl ligands. Compds. 1a and 1b react with nickel halide phosphine complexes to give very air sensitive homoleptic aminomethyl nickel complexes [{Li(OEt2)}2Ni(CH2NR2)4] (NR2 = NMe2 (2a), NC5H10 (2b)) which were characterized by microanal. and by NMR spectroscopy. They are diamagnetic (2a: meff = 0.22 BM, 2b: meff = 0.33 BM) and thermally very stable (Tdec.: 90-115 Deg). The x-ray structure anal. of 2b shows a planar NiC4 unit and a strong coordination of Li at the aminomethyl ligands. Compd. 1d reacts with nickel halide phosphine complexes in an electron transfer reaction to give [Ni(PR3)4].