Boese, Roland; Kroeckert, Bernd; Paetzold, Peter:

(3)-2,4-Diaza-nido-hexaboranes, a novel class of azaboranes.

In: Chemische Berichte (Chem.Ber.), Jg. 120 (1987) ; Nr. 11, S. 1913-1915
ISSN: 0009-2940
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
Haloboration of iminoboranes, RB.tplbond.NCMe3 (R = Me, CHMe2, CMe3) with R1BX2 (R1 = Me, X = Br; R1 = CHMe2, X = Cl; R1 = CMe3, X = Cl) gave 33-76% RBXN(CMe3)BR1X (I). Dehalogenation of I with Na-K in hexane gave 39-70% title compd. II (R = R1 = Me, CHMe2; R = CMe3, R1 = CHMe2), whereas dehalogenation of I (R = R1 = CMe3, X = Cl) gave 33% azadiboridine III. The crystal structure of II (R = R1 = Me) indicated an N2B4 skeleton, i.e., the nido-fragment of a pentagonal bipyramid with a missing vertex at the base.