Mazik, M.; Blaser, D.; Boese, R.:

The potential of CH...N interactions in determining the crystal structures of novel 3,4-disubstituted-5-pyridinyl-isoxazoles.

In: Tetrahedron letters (Tetrahedron Lett.), Jg. 41 (2000) ; Nr. 31, S. 5827-5831
ISSN: 0040-4039
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
The crystal structures of novel 3,4-disubstituted-5-pyridinyl-isoxazoles, such as 3-methyl-4-phenyl-5-pyridinyl-isoxazole (1), 4-methyl-3-phenyl-5-pyridinyl-isoxazole (2) and 3,4-diphenyl-5-pyridinyl-isoxazole (3), are governed by significant CH...N interactions.