Neidlein, Richard; Keller, Holger; Boese, Roland:

Mild preparation of [1-[(benzyloxy)imino]alkyl]phosphonic dichlorides: application to the synthesis of cyclic phosphonic diesters and cyclic monoester amides.

In: Heterocycles, Jg. 35 (1993) ; Nr. 2, S. 1185-1203
ISSN: 0385-5414
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
1-Benzyloxyiminophosphonates, e.g., PhCH2ON:CMeP(O)(OEt)2, were converted under very mild conditions to the corresponding phosphonyl dichlorides, e.g., PhCH2ON:CMeP(O)Cl2. The application toward the synthesis of diastereomeric 1,3,2-oxazaphospholidines and diastereomeric 1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinanes, e.g., I, is reported. The structure of I was confirmed by x-ray anal.