Weber, Lothar; Meine, Georg; Boese, Roland; Blaeser, Dieter:

Transition metal-substituted diphosphenes, XIII. On the synthesis of (h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)Re-P = P-C6H2(tBu)3-(2,4,6) and (h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)Re[Cr(CO)5]P = P-C6H2(tBu)3-(2,4,6).

In: Chemische Berichte (Chem.Ber.), Jg. 121 (1988) ; Nr. 5, S. 853-857
ISSN: 0009-2940
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
(h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)ReBr, generated from [(h5-C5Me5)(CO)2(NO)Re]BF4 and Et4NBr, reacts with LiP(SiMe3)2 to give the disilylphosphido complex, (h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)ReP(SiMe3)2 (I). I was converted into the diphosphenyl complex (h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)ReP:PC6H2(CMe3)3-2,4,6 (II) by treatment with 2,4,6-(Me3C)3C6H2PCl2. The reaction of II, which is only stable in soln., with [(Z)-cyclooctene]Cr(CO)5 affords stable (h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)Re[Cr(CO)5]P:PC6H2(CMe3)3-2,4,6. For comparison, the complexes (h5-C5Me5)(CO)(NO)Mn[Cr(CO)5]P:PC6H2(CMe3)3-2,4,6 and (h5-C5Me5)(CO)2Fe[Cr(CO)5]P:PC6H2(CMe3)3-2,4,6 (III) were synthesized as well. III was characterized by an x-ray structure anal.