Metals in crude oils, asphaltenes, bitumen, and kerogen in molasse basin, southern Germany.

In: ACS Symposium Series (ACS Symp.Ser.), Jg. 344 (1987) ; Met. Complexes Fossil Fuels, S. 146-153
ISSN: 0097-6156
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
The content of Ni, V, and Co in malthenes and asphaltenes of southern German crude oils enabled the differentiation of 2 oil families in accordance with other geochem. parameters. Concerning Cr concns., all bitumen (1.2-11.1 ppm) fractions lie within the range of oil asphaltenes (0.9-22.7 ppm). The Se concns. are <0.2 ppm and <0.5 ppm in oil and oil asphaltenes, resp., but the oil is enriched in the bitumens (0.8-1.3 ppm).