Strenger, S.; Hirner, A.v.:

Digestion of organic components in waste materials by high pressure ashing with infrared heating.

In: Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry (Fresenius J.Anal.Chem.), Jg. 371 (2001) ; Nr. 6, S. 831-837
ISSN: 0937-0633
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
In respect of complete digestion of org. waste materials, a relevant potent digestion technique was developed, and a prototype of a high pressure ashing device with IR heating (IR-HP-asher) was built. The app. consists of six quartz digestion vessels inside a steel autoclave. The performance of the IR-HP-asher was tested for pure org. substances, for representative wastes from the recycling industry, and for several biol. samples. In all cases, complete digestion could be attained within 90 min as well as complete recovery of metal(loid)s present in the sample. Concerning the completeness of digestion and absence of analyte loss, the IR-HP-asher is superior to two conventional microwave digesters also tested.