Kuss, Heinz-Martin; Lenth, Christoph:

Characterization of molecules in microwave-induced plasmas. Part 2. Detectors for gas chromatography.

In: CLB Chemie in Labor und Biotechnik, Jg. 50 (1999) ; Nr. 10, S. 368-372
ISSN: 0722-6764
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
The use of microwave-induced plasma spectroscopy (MIPS) as a GC detector suitable for vaporizable substances is described. Topics discussed include the complex spectra obtained, the app. for the prodn. of microwaves, comparison between the flame ionization detector and the MIPS detector, and future prospects. The prerequisite for a successful application of the detector is the development of a new method of evaluation of the complex spectra.