Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Kleinert, Peter; Stengel, Caroline; Haderlein, Stefan B.:

Polar fuel constituents. Compound identification and partitioning between nonaqueous-phase liquids and water.

In: ACS Symposium Series (ACS Symp.Ser.), Jg. 799 (2002) ; Oxygenates in Gasoline, S. 281-287
ISSN: 0097-6156
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
A review. The fuel/water partitioning coeffs. of a large range of polar aliph. and arom. fuel components are described. The data presented suggest that polar fuel components behave distinctly differently from known fuel constituents, such as BTEX, in a point source release scenario. As shown for aniline, the low values of the fuel/water partitioning coeffs. of polar fuel constituents imply that fuels in contact with groundwater will be efficiently extd. This leads to a rapid depletion of such compds. in a nonaq.-phase liq., causing a transient compn. of the contaminant plume with elevated aq. concns. of polar compds. at the leading edge of the plume.