Brueggemann, H.; Saus, A.; Guertler, O.; Laarz, W.:

Mechanism of the transesterification of glycerides with homogeneous transition metal complexes.

In: DECHEMA Monographien, Jg. 122 (1991) ; Katalyse, S. 73-89
ISSN: 0070-315X
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
The transesterification of tributyrin with MeOH is catalyzed by transition metal complexes. The catalytic activity as well as the mechanisms of the transesterification depends on the structure of the metal complex, as was shown by the application of selected metal complexes, specially those of cobalt. Different di- and monoglycerol concns. are obtained with different catalyst. The different mechanisms in presence of Co(acac)2, Co(acac)3 (acac = acetylacetonate) are discussed.