Hungenberg, K.d.; Knoll, K.; Bandermann, F.; Janko, L.:

Anionic polymerization of styrene at high temperatures.

In: DECHEMA Monographien, Jg. 131 (1995) ; 5th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering, 1995, S. 387-399
ISSN: 0070-315X
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
Only few kinetic data on the anionic polymn. of styrene at high temps. and the side reactions like termination and chain transfer have been published. For the detn. of these data some easy-to-handle methods have been developed, which are all based on gel-permeation chromatog. measurements. With these data, the reactions can be described at 10-140 Deg.