Bandmann, Heinz; Heimbach, Paul; Roloff, Achim:

Control of metal-catalyzed reactions. Part V. Ligand and co-catalyzed co-oligomerization of butadiene with ketones and amines or phenol.

In: Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses, (1977) ; Nr. 11, S. 261
ISSN: 0308-2342
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
CH2:CHCH:CH2 with PhCOMe and morpholine in the presence of Ni(COD)2 (COD = cyclooctadiene) and tricyclohexylphosphine, Ph3P, or (PhO)3P (70:35:35:1:1 ratio) gave 76.5% PhCOCH2CH(CH:CH2)(CH2)2CH:CHMe, 80.7% PhC(OH)MeCH2CH:CH(CH2)3CH:CH2, and 52.1% of a mixt. of N-(2,6- and 2,7-octadien-1-yl)morpholine, resp. CH2:CHCH:CH2 with PhCOMe and PhOH in the presence of Ni(COD)2 and (PhO)3P gave 51.4% of a mixt. of PhOCH2CH:CH(CH2)2R (R = CH2CH:CH2, CH:CHMe).