Stebbins, J.f.; Xu, Z.; Oglesby, J.v.; Schaller, T.:

The structure of oxygen sites in silicate glasses: conclusions from 17O NMR.

In: Proceedings of International Congress on Glass, 18th, San Francisco, CA, United States, July 5-10, 1998, (1998), S. 2624-2629
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
A review with refs. 17O NMR on oxide glasses provides unique new information about the coordination environment of oxygen. Examples described briefly here include the extent of disorder among non-bridging oxygen sites, distributions of Si-O-Si bond angles, the presence (or absence) of \"oxide\" ions, and the finding of significant concns. of non-bridging oxygens in a \"framework\" aluminosilicate glass.