Wulff, Gunter; Gross, Thomas; Schonfeld, Rainer; Schrader, Thomas; Kirsten, Christian:

Molecular imprinting for the preparation of enzyme-analogous polymers.

In: ACS Symposium Series (ACS Symp.Ser.), Jg. 703 (1998) ; Molecular and Ionic Recognition with Imprinted Polymers, S. 10-28
ISSN: 0097-6156
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
A review 40 refs. The principle of mol. imprinting is based on the crosslinking of a polymer in the presence of interacting monomers around a mol. that acts as a template. After removal of the template, an imprint of specific shape and with functional groups capable of chem. interactions remains in the polymer. We give an introduction into the basic principles of this method, and present new developments in our institute regarding this procedure. Recently we embarked on the development of new types of binding-site interactions which are noncovalent and stoichiometric (due to high binding consts.), but do not show the disadvantages of other types of noncovalent binding. Furthermore, new catalytic systems have been designed which exhibit high esterolytic activity and Michaelis-Menten kinetics.