Volkmer-Engert, R.; Germeroth, L.; Haupt, T.; Heine, N.; Scharn, D.; Ast, T.; Matuschewski, H.; Schedler, U.; Ulbricht, M.; Schneider-Mergener, J.; Wenschuh, H.:

Novel polymeric membranes for parallel solid phase spot-synthesis of peptides.

In: Peptides 1998, Proceedings of the European Peptide Symposium, 25th, Budapest, Aug.30-Sept.4, 1998, (1999), S. 118-119
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
A symposium report. The present work deals with application of a new type of continuous polymeric surface designed for efficient assembly of peptides and other org. mols. using a wide range of reaction conditions and retaining the favorable features of the spot technique.