Ingemey, Roger A.; Strohe, Geertje; Veeman, Wiebren S.:

2DIR spectra of polymers based on DIRLD spectra.

In: Mikrochimica Acta, Supplement, Jg. 14 (1997) ; Progress in Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, S. 607-608
ISSN: 0076-8642
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
Dynamic IR linear dichroic (DIRLD) spectra of isotactic polypropylene (i-PP) and HDPE have been recorded and the origin of all spectral features has been pointed out. Furthermore, DIRLD spectra and the corresponding asynchronous 2DIR plot of a stretching-frequency dependent phenomenon of i-PP has been presented. A model to interpret the spectra has been proposed.