Quantum computing using quadrupolar spins in solid state NMR.

In: Quantum Information Processing, Jg. 1 (2003) ; Nr. 5, S. 327-344
ISSN: 1570-0755
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
NMR is a successful method for exptl. implementation of quantum information processing. Most of the successful NMR quantum processors are small mols. in liq. state. In this case each spin half particle represents a qubit. Another approach is the usage of higher spin particles as multi qubit systems. We present the 1st solid state virtual 2-qubit system, represented by the spin-3/2 nucleus 23Na in a NaNO3 single crystal. For this system we show how to create the pseudo pure states and we derive a set of propagators and logic gates corresponding to the selective excitation of single quantum transitions. With this set, the prepn. of an entangled state is exptl. verified by state tomog., adjusted to the spin-3/2 system.