Herrmann, H.; Karthaeuser, J.; Zellner, R.:

Oxidant formation in the photolysis of the nitrate ion in aqueous solutions.

In: Risoe Natl.Lab., [Rep.] Risoe-M, (1988) ; Risoe-M-2630, Tropospheric NOx Chem.--Gasphase Multiphase Aspects, S. 117-127
ISSN: 0418-6435
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
In the flash photolysis of NO3- in aq. soln., the relative yields of HNO3, NO2 + OH radical, and NO2- + O are 50%, 35%, and 15%, resp. Scavenging by O, NO, and MeOH and the role of NO3- photolysis in atm. aerosol chem. are discussed.