Zellner, R.; Exner, M.; Herrmann, H.:

Absolute hydroxyl radical quantum yields in the laser photolysis of aqueous solutions of nitrate, nitrite and hydrogen peroxide at 308 and 351 nm.

In: Phys.-Chem.Behav.Atmos.Pollut., [Proc.Eur.Symp.], 5th, (1990), S. 300-306
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
Abs. quantum yields for the formation of OH radicals in the laser photolysis of aq. solns. of NO3-, NO2-, and H2O2 at 308 and 351 nm and as a function of pH and temp. were detd. A scavenging technique involving the reaction between OH and SCN- ions and the time-resolved detection by visible absorption of the (SCN)2- radical ion was used to det. the abs. OH yields.