Fuelleborn, M.; Ekgasit, S.; Okretic, S.; Siesler, H.w.:

Reorientation of liquid crystalline systems in an electric field: Transmission and ATR-FTIR investigations.

In: 216th ACS National Meeting, Boston, August 23-27
Boston (1998), POLY-436
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Chemie
The mol. orientation behavior in LC systems under an externally applied elec. field has been investigated by Transmission- and ATR-FTIR-spectroscopy. For this purpose, a cell was constructed which fulfilled the requirements for both techniques. Thus it is warrented that exactly the same conditions are present. By comparing the results of the applied methods, more detailed informations about the orientational distribution of the LC systems can be obtained. Exemplarily the results of the probed LC 5CB are presented. Presently further investigations with other, azo-contg. LC-systems under various temp. conditions are in progress.