AMT - Process- and Aerosol Measurement Technology: Annual Report: July 2001 - June 2002

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This documentation is designed to give the reader insight into the activities of our department. The teaching activities of the department are mainly in the fields of measurement and process technology. In research we are concentrating on the material system aerosol, liquid and / or solid particles suspended in a gas. Of equal interest for us are unwanted aerosols emitted from technical processes and distributed in the atmosphere and wanted product aerosols. The work related to emission and immission of aerosols is mainly concentrating on the implications of the introduction of new EU particulate matter (PMx) Standards. Nanostructured materials and devices can be made using several synthesis technologies. We are concentrating on the synthesis of particles in the gas phase as a very promising route. We develop nanostructured materials with exiting properties, e.g. quantum dots in semiconductors and sensor materials. As the application of aerosols are manifold the research activities of our department have been directed towards various other fields of application. Research priorities at our department are to be found in clean technology, filtration, aerosol measurement technology, physical and chemical characterization of aerosols, synthesis, transport behavior as well as characterization of properties of particles. I would like to acknowledge and convey my gratitude to all those who contributed to the aerosol research work over the last year enabling the successful work of our department.
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Nanostructured Materials, Aerosol Measurement Technology, Process Gas and Air Cleaning, Physical Properties and Behavior of Particles in A
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fissan, Heinz [Gutachter(in), Rezensent(in)]
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