No. 44 (2002): Wirtschaftspolitische Reformen in Japan - Kultur als Hemmschuh?

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The paper starts from the assumption that a lasting recovery of Japan's economy can only come about by a reform of economic policy decisive enough to re-establish confidence again. The adherence to the rule of law and the establishment of independent agencies might provide a solution, but these methods could well be jeopardised by cultural factors in the sense of the cognitive-evolutionary approach of economic policy theory. The influence of certain values and views is looked at, especially regarding a disposition towards so-called generalised exchange mechanisms, the prospects of a credible self-commitment via the rule of law as well as the employment of elements of direct democracy and federalism. By and large the paper is sceptical about the chances of a reform in accordance with the aims as set out above, even though there are in reality first signs of attempts at establishing the rule of law and agency independence.
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