No. 86 (2010): Green Governance – One Solution for Two Problems?

Climate Change and Economic Shocks: Risk Perceptions and Coping Strategies in China, India and Bangladesh

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This collection of papers is based on an international workshop held in the summer of 2009 at the University of Duisburg-Essen. It brings together different perceptions regarding China, India and Bangladesh as they face the risks and crises of climate change and economic shocks like the recent global financial crisis. The papers reflect assumptions concerning the concept of Risk Society and discuss the extent to which Sustainable Development and the rather new concepts of Green Governance, Green Economy and the New Great Deal offer avenues for transforming risk societies into risk-avoiding and riskresistant societies and states. On the basis of these concepts, the current situation in China, India and Bangladesh is described, including the coping strategies which have been implemented so far.
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green governance, risk perception, climate change, financial crises, sustainable development, green new deal, green jobs, implementation, civil society, donor policies, China, India, Bangladesh.
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