Sozial.Geschichte online Social History Online

Zeitschrift für historische Analyse des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts - ISSN: 1869-4748

Dear reader,

in mid-2009, following a one-year hiatus, the Foundation for Social History decided to continue publication of its journal "Sozial.Geschichte". The journal is now published online as "Sozial.Geschichte Online" ("Social History Online"). The University of Duisburg-Essen hosts the journal on its "DuEPublico" internet platform. "Sozial.Geschichte Online" boasts a new editorial board, with Peter Birke and Max Henninger now acting as coordinating editors. All articles can be downloaded, free of charge, in the pdf-format. The journal's thematic orientation remains unchanged. It remains our goal to make a socio-historical contribution to the analysis of challenges currently faced by world society. We do not consider such an analysis an academically self-referential end in itself. We wish rather to address those of our contemporaries who are or aspire to be politically active, and who are aware that they can only comprehend their complex present from a historically informed perspective. Acknowledging that such a perspective constitutes an elementary precondition for emancipatory action is especially important today, as we witness the effects of an epochal world economic crisis that calls on us to make a determined effort to impose social justice and equality the world over.

Hamburg - Berlin, May 2010