Semesterapparate - Informationen für DozentInnen Reserve Collections - Informationen for lecturers

How do I establish a reserve collection for my course?

  • If you are logged in you can establish a new reserve collection using this form.
    In it you please enter the title of the course.
  • You also enter an / the access key(s).
  • After you submit the form, the online part of the reserve collection is immediately usable. Books can be supplied only in the reading room or in the branch libraries, after the UB has assigned a shelf.

What are access keys and how do I use them?

The previous procedure, comprising an individual, not personalized combination of user account and password set up as access protection, is to be replaced by access keys. Logging-in with the personal user account of Duisburg-Essen University (=Unikennung) will then be possible.

You must assign an access key for reading access (for students), so that they can view the digitised full texts and files and download them.

You can assign an access key for writing access. If you wish to grant editing rights to more lecturers or student assistants, you only have to pass on this access key to the suitable persons.

For all access keys is valid:

  • Login with personal user account of Duisburg-Essen University (=Unikennung) at DuEPublico.
  • You only have to know and enter this access key initially to gain access to the reserve collection.
  • This is necessary only once per reserve collection, after which it is sufficient for persons to log-in by means of their own user account.

How do I use an online reserve collection?

  • You can change or complement all entries of your reserve collection online any time about simple input forms.
  • Therefore you must login yourself with your account of University Duisburg-Essen (button "login" in the top left-hand corner of the page) and select (e.g., via the list) your own reserve collection. Then the button "Edit entries" will appear top right. A click on it and you switch to the editor mode.
  • If you enter a new book, a member of staff of the library will pick up this book from the stock and supply it in the respective library to the reference reserve collection.
  • If you enter a periodical essay or a book abstract, the library will digitise this text, compile a PDF file and add it to the reserve collection. For you as a lecturer this is connected neither with effort nor with costs.
    Please note that for presently borrowed items the process time can be extended.
    Should you have an article already as a paper copy or in digital format, you can note it in the same form for digitalisation or upload it directly. Regard the copyright information, please!
  • You can enter and change WWW links, references to other DuEPublico documents, text paragraphs and headings any time independently without any effort from the library via the online forms.
  • You can upload own materials and files just as simple about your browser and make them thus available for the students. Material existing only in printed form can be digitised by the library.

Further questions? Your contact persons:

If you need further information, you can contact the following persons via phone or e-mail:

  • Questions about reference reserve collections, lendig etc.
    Essen campus: Nadine Jamrath, phone: 0201/183-3726
    Duisburg campus: Birgit Omansiek, phone: 0203/379-2086
  • Questions about online reserve collections, user account, read account etc.
    Essen campus: Sonja Hendriks, phone: 0203/379-2027
    Duisburg campus: Winnie Eickholt, phone.: 0203/379-1486