Report Nr. 104 - Strategische Fehler der Pirateriebekämpfung

Somalia, Peacebuilding und die Notwendigkeit einer umfassenden Strategie

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The current strategy of the International Community to deal with Somali piracy runs the risk of failing. By analyzing the current attempts in countering piracy the authors come to the conclusion that one of the fundamental strategic problems is the present narrow-minded focus on deterrence and containment. Alternative (eventually even unconventional) considerations are necessary to complement and enhance strategic thinking in this regard. To understand piracy as a challenge of peacebuilding offers such a possibility to rethink the current strategic perspective and to develop a more comprehensive strategy for countering piracy. In developing and exploring five alternative policy scenarios the authors show how a peacebuilding perspective might enhance and supplement present strategic thinking. By arguing to understand piracy as a ‘wicked problem’ they illustrate the key elements of pursuing sustainability and efficacy in dealing with Somali piracy.
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