Suchfelder und Operatoren Search fields and operators

The following search fields are available:

search field:data type:description:operator
ubo_alltextsearch in all data fields=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_titletexttitle=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_authornameauthor=, contains, like
ubo_pidIDperson ID from HIS LSF =
ubo_role_pidIDCombined role plus person ID from HIS LSF, e.g. advisor_2809 finds thesis advisor =
ubo_orcidIDORCID =
ubo_researcheridIDResearcherID =
ubo_gndIDGND =
ubo_publishernamepublisher=, contains, like
ubo_contributornamename (authors, editors or others)=, contains, like
ubo_advisornameadvisor of thesis paper=, contains, like
ubo_refereenamereferee of thesis pater=, contains, like
ubo_yearnumberyear=, <, >, <=, >=
ubo_journaltexttitle of the journal=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_issnIDISSN =
ubo_isbnIDISBN =
ubo_seriestextname of the series=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_conferencetextconference=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_abstracttextabstract, summary=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_commenttextcomment field=, contains, like, phrase
ubo_typeIDtype of the entry, possible values: article chapter book dissertation =
ubo_subjectIDsubject, cf. attribute value in this list =
ubo_originIDfaculty / institution =
ubo_idtextID of the entry =
ubo_doiIDDOI =
ubo_urnIDURN =
ubo_lastModifieddatedate of the last modification of the entry=, <, >, <=, >=
ubo_signatureIDsignature from the university library =
ubo_documentIDIDID of a linked DuEPublico document =