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Preparing a personal publication list

If you wish to compile a list of your own publications, it is advisable to do a search using your Personal ID. A search is then conducted for entries in the university bibliography on the basis of your HIS-LSF-PID

A precondition for this, of course, is that the relevant entries in the bibliography are linked with your PID. Usually this is the case. If you have any misgivings whether all the entries are correctly linked with your PID, please contact our staff. We will be glad to check your entries for you and, if necessary, provide any missing links.

More complex queries

All search terms are implicit connected with AND, i.e. all search conditions must be fulfilled. If you name the same search field several times, the search conditions for this field are connected with OR. The following example is in search of the words Faktoren or Kritik in the title:

For an even more complex query, you can also commit a search term in the MyCoRe query language (MCRQL) with the parameter query.

With the parameters maxResults and numPerPage you can limit the maximal total number of hits and the maximal number of hits per page.

Display search results directly as PDF or in other bibliographic format

Instead of linking to a navigable hit list you can let return the results directly as a HTML side, as a PDF document or as a bibliographic file using the parameter format.

Sorting the result list

To sort the result list, you can use an optional parameter by appending the suffix .sortField to the field name, with possible values ascending or descending:


Sortable fields are:

  • ubo_year (year of publication)
  • ubo_sortby_name (person name, author)
  • ubo_sortby_title (title)
  • ubo_type (type of publication)

To sort by more than one criteria, add a number to the sortField suffix to indicate precedence, for example


Integrate publication lists directly into own web pages

Using an iframe you may also integrate the results of a query directly into your own webpage instead of link to it only. Add on your webpage e.g. the following element:

<iframe scrolling="yes" width="90%" height="300" src="" />

Then you can see the results directly in the web page:

Integrate publication lists directly into UDE Imperia web pages

In UDE webpages, which are created by the content management Imperia you can activate the module "Mitarbeiter-Publikationsliste" to integrate publication lists.