Universitätsbibliographie Online: Expertensuche University Bibliography Online: Expert search

Here you can enter a search term in the syntax of MyCoRe query language (MCRQL) and put that way an even more complex query.

A list of all available search fields and operators you can find here.

  • search field operator target value
  • (search field1 operator1 target value1) and (search field2 operator2 target value2) ...
  • (search field1 operator1 target value1) or (search field2 operator2 target value2) ...

Some examples:
  • ubo_title contains Faktoren
  • (ubo_title contains Faktoren) or (ubo_pid = 2809)
  • ((ubo_title contains Faktoren) or (ubo_pid = 2809)) and (ubo_year = 2006)
  • (ubo_pid = 2809) and ((ubo_year = 2010) or (ubo_year = 2011))
  • (ubo_role_pid = author_2809) or ((ubo_type = book) and (ubo_role_pid = publisher_2809))