Informationen zur Universitätsbibliographie Information about the university bibliography

Rectorate's resolution

It is stated in the rectorate's resolution from the 3rd session of February 7th 2007, Appendix 2, Numeral 7.1, that:

"The faculties keep records of their publications (in full text, if necessary) on the central UDE document server (DuEPublico)."

As a member of the university of Duisburg-Essen you should, therefore, register your publications with this element of the university bibliography. If possibly, you should also make the full text available in DuEPublico. This way you will support the "green way" of Open Access, by making the text available on this server free of charge in parallel with your publication at a publishing company.

What kinds of publication can be registered?

  • Monographs (i.e. books, including those that are not distributed via the book trade, so-called "grey literature" or "non-conventional literature")
  • Essays in periodicals or on publication servers
  • Contributions to collected editions (i.e. books incl. contributions of several authors)
  • Contributions to conference proceedings / publications
  • Editorial functions for collected editions, journals and serial publications
    (cannot be covered at present; in progress)
  • Preprints
  • Scientific reviews

Excluded are:

  • Works of rather temporary importance, such as periodical articles, smaller reports about events, projects etc.
  • Prefaces (in case of editorial activities)
  • Minor publications ( of one page and less)
  • Degree dissertations, diploma theses, examination papers

Dissertations and postdoctoral theses are registered by the university library itself.

The university bibliography offers the possibility to link persons to titles that are not taken into consideration according to the usual rules and standards for library catalogues, i.e. further editors or other persons involved - who often have contributed significantly to a work, but due to their "position" in title data are not mentioned in ordinary library catalogues and, therefore, are not searchable. Titles including all persons involved can be linked here in the university bibliography.

Which groups of persons can - or should - register their publications?

The following groups of persons as members of Duisburg Essen University should register their publications with the university bibliography: university professors, scientific and artistic staff members, privat lecturers, extraordinary professors, honorary professors, guest lecturers, as well as assistant lecturers. Furthermore, former members of the university of Duisburg-Essen, such as emeritus professors, can register their publications.

From which period can publications be registered?

Basically, you can register all your publications with the university bibliography and thus establish and maintain your complete personal bibliography.

How can a list of personal publications be created and used?

Your list of personal publications can be integrated as a link into your own web pages or can be exported in several formats. You can find more information at Search as link

Special features for members of the faculty of medicine

At the present time we are examining whether an automatic data transfer from EVALuna Biblio is practicable for publications of the medical faculty. If your publications are shown in this system, no re-registration is expected to be necessary. If you should already wish to enter your publications manually however, you can do so, of course. Medical dissertations and postdoctoral theses are registered, like those of other faculties, by the university library itself.